On 25.05.2007, at 09:25, Niels Kobschätzki wrote:
The _nice_ thing about this is that this actually adds a bookmark that points to the file or folder. Perfect!

That's not really perfect for me - the great advantage for me in Yojimbo in comparison to stuff like Devonthink is that it syncs the stuff in your library.
Add to Yojimbo creates a bookmark - not very useful for local stuff.

Good point, personally I never used .mac sync. This would require me to 1) buy a .mac account and 2) buy another yojimbo license. I don't believe in the "put EVERYTHING, including files, into your personal information manager" strategy. In the end you find yourself misusing yojimbo as a file manager. On the other hand, it would certainly be nice to put SOME files into it from time to time.

btw., I think the "archive to yojimbo" is meant for URLs. At least it works with URLs.

Archive in Yojimbo seems not to function with PDFs (at least nothing happens)

I would like to do the following: selct a pdf in Finder, "Command window with selection" (it's a QS-trigger in my case), tab, add to yojimbo, tab, add yojimbo-tags, tab, tags, enter (import to yojimbo with the tags))

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. You can not manage yojimbo tags from withing quicksilver, as far as I know.

And it would be great to do that.
I try to learn now AppleScript for trying to write an action via a script that will archive a pdf in yojimbo and which will present you a dialog for adding tags like the netnewswire_to_pukka_and_yojimbo-script does.

Let me know whan I can beta test :)
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