On 25.05.2007, at 09:25, Niels Kobschätzki wrote:

Kerris last mail reminded me of the Yojimbo-module for Quicksilver. And I just tried to do a "Command window with selection" and "add to yojimbo" but I can't use "Add to Yojimbo" for a selected Finder-item; any idea what could fix that. And where can I ask for feature requests for the Quicksilver-module - here?

For me it works to select something in the Finder (file or folder) and the type command-Esc, which I think is a predefined trigger for "command window with selection"*. This pulls the current selection into quicksilver and gives me the ability to select "add to yojimbo" as the action.

cmd+esc doesn't work when you have FrontRow enabled - just disabled it and it seems that cmd+esc is different to the QS-trigger "Command window with selection".
If I use cmd+esc I can use the yojimbo-triggers.

Hello again,

Just noticed: It's a real pity you can not drag non-text files or folders from Finder into the Yojimbo drop dock. It would be very convenient if you could add bookmarks to files or folders by dragging them into the drop dock. And since part of this functionality is already there it shouldn't be too hard to do.

And how does Yojimbo decide wether a file dragged into the dock is actually containing text? Seems like it's looking at the extension, because I can not do this with .css files.

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