glad i'm not the only one. Throw the damn thing on kickstarter and let's
see who really wants it, for chrissakes.

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 3:32 PM, Kevin Hobson <> wrote:

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> Yep.  I've tried reading it over and over, with and without coffee, and
> alcohol, and it still seems to be essentially ridiculous.  Time for the ZFT
> to stop smoking their diplomas and get back to Earth.  I'm left feeling
> more than a bit disappointed with this BS. I'll still be loyally opening my
> wallet for new releases as they come out but this "project" is
> underwhelming.   My two cents worth.
> - Kevin
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> *Sent:* Friday, November 30, 2012 8:21 AM
> *Subject:* [Zappa-List] Fwd: THE ZAPPA PROJECT/OBJECT of your DREAMS!
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> Did anyone else get this email from Zappa Records this week?
> Cris
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> *Dear People of Earth who are interested in anything & everything
> concerning The Roxy Performances,* **** So you’ve always dreamt of being
> a music mogul and running your own record company, huh? But you ask
> yourself, “How could I get a Real Record Deal?” “I mean,” you say to
> yourself, “I think I could do this as well as anyone – I have important
> opinions to share.”  Well here’s *your chance* to be part of *Zappa Music
> Business History* and become an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR of a Real (*REAL!*)
> Live (*LIVE!*) Zappa Record.  One more time for the world: Recorded by
> Zappa, Performed by Zappa, featuring some of your favorite Mothers, and
> Material, AND all under the Roof you’ve been waiting for:  The Roxy!  No
> ELSEWHERES about it.**** What???  It’s True.  We here at Zappa Records
> are looking for a few good men and women – approximately 1,000 highly
> motivated, sensitive and discerning individuals – to sign up as Official
> Independent Distributors of a never-heretofore-released, thoroughly
> Authentic Zappa Master Recording.  And this is not just any thoroughly
> authentic Zappa Master Recording either. No, this is the one many of you
> have been beyond craving.  Please sit down to read this part:  This is the
> Roxy – the Soundtrack – yes, it is the introductory Soundtrack, the Prequel
> if you will – the Project/Object of your Dreams.  76 unadulterated minutes
> of fabulous frenzy await you.  And the opportunity of a life–time: *Roxy
> By Proxy! Should it be determined that you become an Officially Licensed
> Authorized Zappa RBP Distributor, you can make as many copies of the record
> as you can possibly distribute – AND exce pt for reporting to us your sales
> & customers (just like any other record distributor) and paying us the
> publishing, YOU keep the money. AND you get to collect royalties from what
> is sold at Barfko-Swill AND you will also be entitled to a special
> wholesale price available to the OLAZRBPDs (Officially Licensed Authorized
> Zappa ROXY BY PROXY Distributor) exclusively.***** Apart from being
> Official Release #96 this is a Music Biz First.  How is that you might well
> ask:  We figured you might like to participate in the wonderment so we have
> devised a way to let you in behind the scenes of every Artist’s necessity -
> a music distribution deal – but in this case we’ve cut to the chase. We
> need to get the record to you so why  shouldn’t you be part of the
> process?  You can help us help you by helping you help us.**** So here’s
> the deal: ** <> for all the
> information and the ACTUAL LICENSE.**** Thanks in advance for your
> Consideration.**** xxx,**** gz**** "Music is the Best!" ~FZ
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