Remco wrote:
Using linux-2.6.17-rc1 + zd1211_2006-04-19 + softmac-events.patch + reference_lock.patch, I've been able to transfer 6MB @ ~830kB/s using ftp on a WPA connection. (connection speed: 11 Mb/s)

Thanks for testing. Was the patch needed for compilation?

I also see a softIRQ problem scrolling down my screen after a while locking my computer rock solid. Unfortunately I haven't been able to capture a decent log so far. This happens when I start wpa_supplicant and just leave it running in a console while it's trying set up a connection. (which doesn't succeed)

If you can get a photo or something like that, it would be useful.

wpa_supplicant complained SIOCSIWMLME isn't supported. It may help synchronise SoftMAC / wpa_supplicant since it's supposed to forward deauth / disassoc requests. (see the driver) Maybe SIOCSIWMLME should be in SoftMAC.

Yes, it probably should. softmac is still young, and wpa_supplicant support is very loose as you have noticed. I need to do some more thorough testing myself.


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