> There seems to be a difference in the run level I'm using and how I'm using
> it. (Haven't got much info right now) Don't know if it's reproduceable.
> (System is based on Linux From Scratch)
> e.g.:
> booting in run level 2, rmmod zd1211, load ieee80211(softmac)/zd1211rw,
> bring up interface, use wpa_supplicant ==> timer related softirq oops. (no
> connection)
I've seen this in Gentoo as well. I tried it only once, as follows, in default 
ifconfig ethx up
run wpa_supplicant in console
(wpa_supplicant gets constant association timeouts, I'm waiting for an 
oops ... that didn't occur, after minutes I suddenly seemed to have a 
connection, I see remnants of a key exchange and no more timeouts)
I then cancelled wpa_supplicant (Cntrl-C) and started it up again. Within 
seconds an oops came scrolling off my screen.

I noticed I was able to use Sys-Rq to end jobs / unmount / flush buffers / 
reboot, but didn't find anything useful in /var/log/messages after the 

I'll try to figure out relevant wpa_supplicant / kernel logging later on.

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