> > But it works in the end. I also briefly tested connecting to a WPA-PSK
> > network.
> >
> > Would you mind retesting with those 2 extra softmac patches, plus the
> > additional zd1211 wx hook?
> I'll need some time, I'll report back in the next couple of days.

There seems to be a difference in the run level I'm using and how I'm using 
it. (Haven't got much info right now) Don't know if it's reproduceable. 
(System is based on Linux From Scratch)


booting in run level 2, rmmod zd1211, load ieee80211(softmac)/zd1211rw, bring 
up interface, use wpa_supplicant ==> timer related softirq oops. (no 

booting in run level 3, goto run level 2, rmmod zd1211, load ieee80211
(softmac)/zd1211rw, bring up interface, use wpa_supplicant ==> no oops 
(connection ok)

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