Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
> Since I would like to stay with stable Sarge, I will not upgrade my 
> kernel. Which version of zd1211 do you suggest? With kernel headers in 
> place, is there anything I should do besides make after downloading and 
> untaring of the version that you will suggest?

I had 2.6.8 in my mythtv box. I think i used r59 with it. You should
try some newer releases to see which ones compile with 2.6.8.
Maybe the developers can tell you what to use or you could read
the list archives. r59 is new enough to use unpatched wpasupplicant
with -Dwext. I've had weird stalls with every version, but it is probably 
because of the crappy USB hw in my mythtv box.

Regarding the installation, I just "make install" at home. If you want
to do things the fancy way, you could make Debian packages with
"checkinstall -D make install" or use module-assistant with the
zd1211-source package in unstable. Checkinstall is worth looking
into if you want to keep your system clean.
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