Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
Mayne wrote:
On Sun, 14 May 2006, Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
zd1211: Unknown symbol usb_unlock_device
zd1211: Unknown symbol usb_lock_device_for_reset

Try the patch attached.

Thanks for that suggestion. In the meantime, I already tried almost the same modification but without
+        usb_reset_device(interface_to_usbdev(interface));
for r76. I have retried with that line for r74 and r76. All with the same result:

The driver compiles and loads, but wpa_supplicant fails:

Answering myself: wpa_supplicant from Debian Sarge is rather old. 0.4.8-2 from backports.org works with zd1211.

Now my main problem is that the computer will hang at boot, if the device is already plugged in. It works if it is plugged in later. Any ideas?

Another unrelated problem is that wpasupplicant from Etch has different startup scripts that the version from Sarge: http://wiki.debian.org/WPA Since the 'README.modes' and 'instructions' links on that page are unreachable, I do not know how to change the configuration I got from http://vollink.com/gary/deb_wifi.html -- but this problem is unrelated to zd1211 itself. If anyone happens to know how to replace the following two lines from my /etc/network/interfaces, please, let me know:
  pre-up /etc/init.d/wpasupplicant start
  pre-up sleep 5

Summarizing my findings so far as how to get zd1211 working with Debian Sarge: You need the correct kernel-headers-package. r76 needs to be patched as described by Mayne (later releases hopefully include that change). For WPA, you need a more recent version of wpasupplicant (0.4.8-2 from backports.org will do). The stick must not be plugged in during boot.

Jan Henrik

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