Stephan Broß wrote:

> My problems began now on the embedded system. I can't use udev,
> because the systems design haven't got much memory. To be honest, I
> would not like to use it because of a lot reasons.
> So the crucial question for me is: Is it possible to use zd1211rw
> without udev? and What has to be done for this working? (I'm sure
> there is something to do:-)

I guess you didn't try it?  Network devices don't use device nodes, and 
it is using the kernel-side USB stuff so it doesn't need a device node 
either.  So AFAIK zd1211rw doesn't care about udev.

However, on my AT91RM9200 box with 2.6.20, applying any real traffic 
down the zd1211rw causes the USB Host controller driver to blow violent 
chunks and mark it as failed.  That can be some feature of the embedded 
box, although it handles large amount of traffic on a USB Flash stick 
just fine.  It may be relevant that it is through a passive USB1.1 hub 
at the time too.  Anyway I don't think udev is going to matter.


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