> So the crucial question for me is:
> Is it possible to use zd1211rw without udev? and
> What has to be done for this working? (I'm sure there is something to do:-)

The only problem I can think of is loading the device's firmware. The driver 
sends a notification to user space and user space is supposed to send the 
firmware back to the device driver.

So you need to have some user space tool to pick up the notification and act 
upon it. In the past hotplug did this job and later udev took over. So the 
hotplug scripts might still be usable.

Some things to look for (I'm not sure if all this still applies though):
- /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug: holds the name of a program that intercepts kernel 
- udev's firmware_helper program or firmware loading script: this should give 
you an idea how user space sends firmware to a device (It's basically a 
matter of writing a file holding the firmware to a device specific node in 
the sysfs tree) Hotplug might also have such a script but I'm not sure if 
it's usable on recent kernels.

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