Remco wrote:
>> So the crucial question for me is:
>> Is it possible to use zd1211rw without udev? and
>> What has to be done for this working? (I'm sure there is something to do:-)
> The only problem I can think of is loading the device's firmware. The driver 
> sends a notification to user space and user space is supposed to send the 
> firmware back to the device driver.

You can use a much simpler script for embedded work that can cope with 
firmware loading then the hotplug or udev packages would use.

# Both $DEVPATH and $FIRMWARE are already provided in the environment.


date >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
echo ACTION=$ACTION >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
echo DEVICE=$DEVICE >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
echo PRODUCT=$PRODUCT >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
set >>/tmp/hotplug_debug

if [ "$ACTION" = "remove" ] ; then
  echo "(aborting as it is remove)">>/tmp/hotplug_debug
  exit 0

echo DEVPATH=\'$DEVPATH\' >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
echo FIRMWARE=\'$FIRMWARE\' >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
ll $HOTPLUG_FW_DIR/$FIRMWARE >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
echo >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
ll /sys/$DEVPATH >>/tmp/hotplug_debug
sleep 1
echo -n "1">/sys/$DEVPATH/loading
sleep 1
echo -n "0">/sys/$DEVPATH/loading
echo END >>/tmp/hotplug_debug


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