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> > Get a new kernel...
> I appreciate the thought, but working with embedded systems
> often
> doesn't afford the luxury of getting a new kernel, as the
> hardware
> developers are more focused on stability than
> performance.  This
> should work.  If you or anyone else could help, I'd
> appreciate it.

compat-wireless (a way of having old kernel plus the latest kernel wireless 
bits) http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download 
only go as far back as 2.6.22 . Well, you can port it back to 2.6.21, and send 
the compat-wireless maintainer a patch.

Older does not equal stability (unless you have a bunch of bug fixes which you 
have not publicise, in which case, shame on you), particularly for wireless - 
the whole wireless stack was replaced once or twice between 2.6.21 and current, 
because people start of trying things out and it doesn't work out and then 
learn from experience and thought of better way of doing things.

You could try the vendor driver which supports very old kernels, but then only 
well-tested for 32-bit intel, and ARM is not exactly mainstream.


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