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> > compat-wireless (a way of having
> old kernel plus the latest kernel wireless bits) 
> http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download
> > only go as far back as 2.6.22 . Well, you can port it
> back to 2.6.21, and send the compat-wireless maintainer a
> patch.

> It's not mainstream, but it's what I'm developing for,
> hardware/software wise.  It seems Technologic Systems
> decided to use
> the zd1211 driver, so I'm trying to get it to work. 
> Specific
> instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Which ever way you choose, you'd possibly benefit from help from Luis - he is 
both the maintainer of compat-wireless and Atheros's contact for the zd1211 
vendor driver. (the latest one is 3.0 - LinuxUSB_AR2524-

You basically have two options, back-port compat-wireless a bit further from 
2.6.22 to 2.6.21, or try to fix any ARM-specific problem with the vendor 
driver; but in either case, it is the same person you need to talk to. 
(backporting is easier, I would think, just because of the "code-quality")


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