> compat-wireless (a way of having old kernel plus the latest kernel wireless 
> bits) http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download
> only go as far back as 2.6.22 . Well, you can port it back to 2.6.21, and 
> send the compat-wireless maintainer a patch.

> Older does not equal stability (unless you have a bunch of bug fixes which 
> you have not publicise, in which case, shame on you)...

I didn't mean to imply it did, but can understand how my quip led to
that interpretation.  What I meant was that in focusing on hardware
stability, ARM developers are often behind in software, which is
certainly frustrating for those of us who use the hardware because it
supports Linux.

> You could try the vendor driver which supports very old kernels, but then 
> only well-tested for 32-bit intel, and ARM is not exactly mainstream.

It's not mainstream, but it's what I'm developing for,
hardware/software wise.  It seems Technologic Systems decided to use
the zd1211 driver, so I'm trying to get it to work.  Specific
instructions would be greatly appreciated.


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