I am running Slackware 13.0 (kernel 2.6.32) on an RDC (=i486 compatible) small 
embedded system and using a ZD1211b usb stick for wlan (client) access using 
the standard zd1211rw (module). Firmware version is 1.4

This works fine as long as I specify an MTU smaller than 500 for wlan0.

With a larger MTU the connection aborts when sending larger amounts of 
information, for instance in a telnet session doing an ls of a large directory. 
I can log in and I can do an ls on a small directory...

This is not an USB WLAN stick problem; I tried three separate sticks from 
different vendors and they all exhibit this problem.

With an MTU of say 448, wlan speed is half of what it could be so any help 
would be appreciated.



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