Most relevant line from dmesg I presume:

zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: zd1211b chip 0ace:1215 v4810 high 00-25-86 MAXIM_NEW RF 
pa0 -7--

I opened the stick and there is a genuine Atheros AR2524 (= Zydas ZD1211b) 
and ubec UW2453 (RF) in it.

Same with the msi stick, don't know about the other, but it also has toe 
0ace:1215 vid/pid.


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Hmm, what's the hardware (the zd1211rw: ... line in your dmesg, you can 
probably just grep zd1211 /var/log/message for it as well) may be all the 
same. There are quite a few variants.

I don't know if putting compat-wireless on will help, but you could give 
that a try. FWIW, the driver development has gone over to and changes goes directly into wireless-testing git; the 
sourceforge zd1211 site isn't much more than the mailing list these days, 
and even the mailing list isn't very active. (try the linux-wireless list 
may be a good idea).

--- On Sun, 14/2/10, Ernst J. Oud <> wrote:

> Ok.
> Did some further experimenting. I remembered having an
> Thomson st121g USB WLAN stick and tried that (Prism
> chipset). With the same distro and config it works fine
> using minstrel or pid; i.e. with an MTU of 1500 no problems
> whatsoever. If I bring the box down and use my zd1211 stick
> instead (some distro/config) and boot it, it doesn't work
> with any MTU > 500 using pid or minstrel.
> So this must be some zd1211rw driver issue. It isn't the
> slackware setup and not the hardware; i.e. not the embedded
> box since the st121g works fine on it and not the zd1211
> stick since I used three separate sticks (from three
> different manufacturers: icidu, msi and cc&c) and they
> all have the same problem.
> Any further clues?
> BTW; the svn for the zd1211rw driver shows that the latest
> version is 3 years old?
> Ernst

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