--- On Thu, 4/3/10, Ernst J. Oud <ernst...@euronet.nl> wrote:

> L.S.
> Mmm.... I might be onto something about this weird MTU
> problem with Zydas 
> 1211b based devices on my embedded box.
> This box has an RDC i486 SOC processor.
> Within the vendor driver of the Zydas 1211b there is an
> extra compiler flag 
> called "ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX" (r8610 is an RDC i486
> compatible SOC), it is 
> only tested in the vendor module zd1205c as follows:
> (small snippet of code, arrow is mine)
>    //copy packet for IP header is located on
> 4-bytes alignment
> #if ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX == 1 
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-------------------
>     if (1)
> #else

I have lost track slightly of the exchange - so you have a performance issue 
with the rw driver which isn't with the vendor driver and suspect this snipplet 
to be the magic cure? I suppose you can try it in two different ways - try to 
port the change over from the vendor driver to the rw driver, or, crippling the 
vendor driver by removing that ==1 (change it to ==0, for example) and see if 
the vendor driver breaks. The latter is easier probably and we can then at 
least decide to port a equivalent change if the two drivers in this area is 
substantially different and not obvious between the vendor driver and the rw 


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