I just successfully (although with lots of warnings) the vendor driver using Hin-Tak's patch set. (Version also compiled fine but 
crashed my box.)

*Without* the ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX parameter set in the Makefile, it runs 
fine using an MTU of 1500 on my RDC3210 based linux box...

As mentioned, the community driver only works when telnet/ssh sessions are 
used to access this box with a setting lower than 500.

So it appears that the ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX compile option has nothing to 
do with this issue but there is some weird interaction between the community 
driver (from standard 2.6.32 kernel) and this RDC3210 SoC processor 
(integrated Mac/Phy).

ZD1211 / AR2524 is fairly old now; almost all USB Wlan sticks nowadays on 
the market use different chipsets so whether it is worthwhile to further 
investigate this bug(ette) in the community driver I can't estimate; if 
required I can test further. In that case any clues how to investigate this 



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--- On Fri, 5/3/10, Benoit PAPILLAULT <benoit.papilla...@free.fr> wrote:

> Regarding the source code you mentioned, I cannot find the
> R8610 thing.
> Which version/revision do you look at? Moreover, the
> in the source code I've looked at and this code is only
> used for RX (not
> TX), so it's unlikely to be the root cause of your
> problem.

It is in both the 2.22 and 3.0 vendor driver, with the following line 
numbers (it may not be exact as I have some local patches):

ZD1211LnxDrv_2_22_0_0/src/zd1205.c:10577:#if ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX == 1


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