Ernst J. Oud a écrit :
> L.S.
> I just successfully (although with lots of warnings) the vendor driver 
> using Hin-Tak's patch set. (Version also compiled fine but 
> crashed my box.)
> *Without* the ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX parameter set in the Makefile, it runs 
> fine using an MTU of 1500 on my RDC3210 based linux box...
> As mentioned, the community driver only works when telnet/ssh sessions are 
> used to access this box with a setting lower than 500.
> So it appears that the ZDCONF_R8610_FRAG_FIX compile option has nothing to 
> do with this issue but there is some weird interaction between the community 
> driver (from standard 2.6.32 kernel) and this RDC3210 SoC processor 
> (integrated Mac/Phy).
> ZD1211 / AR2524 is fairly old now; almost all USB Wlan sticks nowadays on 
> the market use different chipsets so whether it is worthwhile to further 
> investigate this bug(ette) in the community driver I can't estimate; if 
> required I can test further. In that case any clues how to investigate this 
> further?
> Regards,
> Ernst

My guess is that it could be a USB 1.1 versus 2.0 problem. Can you 
provide the output of lsusb -t on your SoC when the stick is plugged in?


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