Salam brothers,

Your program is such a beautiful and amazing program. I really love
how well-done it is, the speed, the functionality, the ability to
browse or search and find things so quickly. It's just amazing, and I
really do love it. However, I must say that the pronunciation of the
actual Arabic word ذكر is not with the letter Z at all, but with the
letters TH. I partially think that it was the mistake of Arabs a long
time ago, those who delivered the message of Islam to their brothers
in Asia, that they did not emphasize how the words of the Quran should
really be pronounced. For example, Dr. Zakir Naik should not be
written like that at all, according to how the name looks like in Urdu
or Arabic, but it should be written as Dr. Thakir Naeek. Similarly,
ذكر should not be written as Zekr, but Thikr. And it does make quite a
remarkable difference in some Arabic words, if someone pronounces that
Thal ذ as Zein ز.

I hope that my message will make sense to you, and you can consult any
number of scholars that you like to double check that all this is
true. I realize that this entails perhaps a lot of changes, including
the domain names and all, and it is up to you. I just think that the
program and its message would be that much more beautiful if inspires
the non-Arabs to pronounce the words and letters of the Quran as they
are supposed to be pronounced.

God bless.

Warm regards,

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