As-Salamu Alaykum,

Install and use modified Scheherazade font. Scheherazade is a great
for electronic devices and Internet. This is an Open Type Font work
both with simple and uthmani Qur'an:

Scheherazade (main page):
Scheherazade download (original font):

SIL TypeTuner:
SIL TypeTuner Web:



On Jun 22, 6:32 pm, basheer <> wrote:
> Thanks to all those who helped. It turns it that it is a font issue.
> Here is what I found out so far.
> Font that displays it correctly:
> "Traditional Arabic" , "me_quran", "Scheherazade"    (aren't these all
> the same? maybe it doesn't work properly on my device)
> Font that displays it INcorrectly:
> "Geeza Pro"
> Only these fonts worked for me. Can someone please see if they get the
> same results for these fonts and also try out other fonts?
> Thanks again to all of you for helping!
> On Jun 16, 7:17 am, basheer <> wrote:

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