Hi Bill,

After reading my own post, I believe what I meant to say is that:

"Zen is in all, but all is not Zen."

It is hard to express a "sense or awareness".

Anyhow, these are just words. Though nothing I've posted is important, you still manage to respond everytime. 

I truly have learnt and enjoyed.  *smile*

My respect to your dedication and commitment,

donald hwong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Well stated, Bill.  We shall continue alone these subjects some other day.

All is Zen, everything we posted, you, me as well as everyone else are all Zen.

These are all menifestation of Zen. Branches of the tree and not its life force.

To be more "wordly correct", Zen is all. How is that?

Thank you for your patience and support and this discussion stream.  A deep bowl to you.

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wednesday, June 21 donald hwong (JMJM) wrote:

[...introductory portion snipped...]

[JMJM...]Is there a disconnect in the teachings after 2500 years? Is there
one true which is also all? Or is it important?

Importance is a relative term.

For those who wish to paint-by-number these teachings, their continuity and
the concept of 'One Truth which is All' are very important.

For me these teachings, their continuity and the concept are usually very
interesting; sometimes helpful, sometimes misleading and distracting, but
not important.

For me zazen, or more correctly stated the EFFECTS of zazen, are important.


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