It's easy to sound clever about Zen based on reading and attempts at practice, and
easy to imitate phrases found in koans and their commentaries and in mass market
"Zen" books.  It's much harder actually to deal with the hindrances - sensual desire,
anger, laziness, remorse and skeptical doubt.  Having a comparatively shallow kensho
experience (or several of them) doesn't automatically remove hindrances that stand in
the way of thoroughgoing enlightenment.  In fact, a modicum of kensho can lead to
more delusion - and worse, arrogance.

So I don't think we should pronounce the hindrances and the self as "empty" till we've
realized the emptiness totally.  Meantime there are HINDRANCES and SELF, as I'm
sure we all experience painfully every day. 

~ Frank

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