In the school Zen, I have not found any such teaching.  Yet in the school of 
Tao, the strong energy for the coming 18 years is Northeast.  Some people can 
sense it.

Same time, same place, bright and awake is more important when meditate.


"Mrs. JDK" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  I have 
been practicing yoga and mediation for almost a year.  It took
 a long time to learn how to breath properly.  Now I am working on
 'mindfulness' and see how it can help me so much if I can master it.
 My question to all is:  Is there a directional pull on this planet
 when it comes to faceing when you meditate?
 If this is a silly question, please forgive, but I feel pulled towards
 the East when I meditate and can't get comfortable when I face in
 other directions.  Is that just me?
 Thanks for any input, but remember to be kind if I've made a fool for
 myself just now for asking this.

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