Hi all,

We have Feng Shui experts and Chinese astrology experts, and many other Daoist 
experts in our school said the following:

Practice diligently, when we surpass the three realms, (A buddhist terms I only 
know in Chinese, realms of desire, form and formlessness), then these karmic 
influence shall not affect us.

And this statement have been witnessed gradually by many already.

Be joyous,

curt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  Zen Master 
Seung Sahn (who was my teacher's teacher) was also a Feng 
 Shui master. Seung Sahn was asked to use his Feng Shui skills to 
 determine auspicious locations for the remains of both Chogyam Trunpa 
 Rinpoche and Shunryu Suzuki Roshi after they died.
 While many people today think of Feng Shui as a way to find the optimal 
 arrangement of their office furniture - it is actually a valuable 
 spiritual tool. In addition to choosing locations for memorials for dead 
 teachers, and perhaps more importantly, it is also used to establish the 
 correct location - and directional orientation - for Buddhist temples.
 Probably you should just listen to your intuition. But if you want more 
 specific answers you could try to find a Feng Shui master who is also a 
 Buddhist practitioner. Or you could try to find other sources of 
 information on Feng Shui.
 Buddhist Temples are usually east-facing. That doesn't mean that 
 everyone who meditates inside the temple will be facing east, though. It 
 means that the big Buddha on the altar is facing east. The temple that I 
 practice at faces west, though - but when I am facing toward the Buddha 
 I am facing east.
 - Curt
 Mrs. JDK wrote:
 > I have been practicing yoga and mediation for almost a year.  It took
 > a long time to learn how to breath properly.  Now I am working on
 > 'mindfulness' and see how it can help me so much if I can master it.
 > My question to all is:  Is there a directional pull on this planet
 > when it comes to faceing when you meditate?
 > If this is a silly question, please forgive, but I feel pulled towards
 > the East when I meditate and can't get comfortable when I face in
 > other directions.  Is that just me?
 > Thanks for any input, but remember to be kind if I've made a fool for
 > myself just now for asking this.
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