Hi Chris,

Zen is an experience. As Bill said there is nothing to "know".  

However, if you were wondering about the basic posture or the method itself, we 
have the following general guidelines for practitioners in our school.

For beginnger and session less than 45 minutes, any posture will do.  Two years 
ago, I taught a lady to just breathe with belly by sitting on a chair, because 
she has two artificial knees.  She benefitted from doing just that in one month.

For sessions longer than that, correct posture enables one to have good balance 
and support.  Tug in the lower back, with head centered and align with the 
spine, etc. helps a longer session. Read here as a reference. 

Our school is somewhat rigid and structured.  We do recommend good postures as 
well as one hour sessions as a minimum.

Have Fun,

Bill Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                          
  Chris,  If you’ve only practiced for 3 years and already don’t know exactly 
what you’re doing, you’re making very good progress.  It takes many people 5 or 
10 years before they finally reach the critical point where they give up trying 
to know.  Some never reach that point and live their entire lives cursed with 
knowing everything there is to know about zen.
  As for the question on posture: Breathing freely is what’s important.  
Posture is only important in as much as it does not impede breathing and is 
comfortable.  Just find a posture that feels right and allows your breaths to 
flow in and out effortlessly.  As always I recommend you find a teacher.  In 
lieu of that, ZEN MIND, BEGINNERS MIND is as good a book as any and better than 
most.  Use it as a starting point and experiment from there to find a posture 
that most benefits you.
  Good luck - and congratulations again for not knowing.
  Chris wrote:
        Hello. I may have been a member here before, but I can't remember. I 
 just started practicing Zazen again. I practiced everyday for about 3 
 years and then off and on for the last two. I'm still not sure exactly 
 what I'm doing. I realize that posture is very important and I had a 
 question about that. In Zen Mind, Beginners Mind it says that you 
 should push the head up and the abdomen down as if one were supporting 
 the sky, but when I do this it feels all wrong. I guess what my 
 question is in Zazen is it right to hold onself in a certain posture?

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