I like AndyGriffithZen and sometimes Addams Family...  but surely the most 
qualified zen teacher is easy to find. I've become a Quaker over this point... 
if you pinch yourself the teacher will jump.

          From: "Endymion" <I'm deeply engrossed in the teachings of the San Sa 
Cha School. I love the three main teachers: Zen Masters La Ji, Mou, and (my
favorite) K'ih Li Chou. I've written before about Gutei's one-finger Zen.
Zen Master Mou was most famous for his two-finger Zen. Many is the time he
would kindly use his two-fingers to open the Dharma Eyes of his two brothers
to grant them immense kensho experiences. >

Three Stooges Zen illuminated my early life. Now I prefer the more subtle
Bonanza school of Zen. Little Joe-san, Hoss-san, Adam-san, and Ben-sensei
seem to have wisdom beyond their era. Of course, the master of all masters
is Zatoichi (for me). If you have never ventured into the Ichi School
(pronounced ITCHY), then you are really missing the best of the best.
Zatoichi made about 20-25 movies and I believe there was even a TV series in
Japan. I have not seen the remake of 2003, but I heard it was a good movie


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