I'd like to share with you what I think is the best Koan I've ever come across. 
I'll include some of the notes and the Capping Phrase.
  Master P'ou and Grasshopper* were practicing in the Monastery garden one warm 
summer evening. Master P'ou kindly** inquired of his pupil "You seem greatly 
troubled by something, little Grasshopper***?" "Yes, Master.In the sutras it 
says that a buddha has a heart of perfect wisdom.Does that mean that he would 
cut farts of perfect odor?" Master P'ou said nothing in response. The only 
sound carried on the soft Summer Breeze was a faint etherial phtttpppt. 
Grasshopper resumed the counting of his breaths and before he could even reach 
two, he obtained a Great Enlightenment.
  *Annoying little suckup! Master was always WAY too kind to him. I would have 
disemboweled him with a splintery pair of chopsticks.
  ** He always WAS his FAVORITE.
  ***Yeah and if you squashed him under your foot,I bet the juice that came out 
would be just as green!!
  CAPPING PHRASE: Buttplugs need not be greased to be effective. MOST intimate.

          From: "anatmanwave" <---And Al, how would you know that?>

My study of Zen is limited to Japanese samurai movies and especially the
Blind Samurai (Zatoichi).

I choose not to read zen books any more. I gave many away and sold the rest
on ebay. Zatoichi is easier to understand and much more entertaining than
Bankei or Dogen.



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