I guess you've gone out of town for a while, but I hope we can continue with 
this thread when you're back. I have the feeling it'll be good fun! (but I 
still know I'm correct...).  Gone fishing, Mike.

Robert Kirbo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On Sun, 30 Dec 2007 21:23:09 -0800, 
mike brown   

> The critique was a well founded one regarding zen and the impossible  
> sentimentality of the seasons (this is just not Zen)

No, the critique was a foolish one on a poetry form that you are not  
schooled in,
and your constant harping on what you deem to be Zen or not Zen constitutes
an insistance of dialectic that is itself rather alien to Zen.

Stop instructing and begin actually being the nature of Zen.  Your example  
commentary is really moving further and further from Zen and further and  
into your own ego.

Prove me wrong and respond without an "argument" or critique.



After today, will be out of town for a while...so this is my closing  
comment.  I did make
an attempt to close on a more harmonious note, as posted earlier.
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