.and then maybe the people of Tibet would accept that they are a province of
China and not an independent country - and get back to their spiritual
endeavors instead of banging their head against this political,
nationalistic, ethnocentric wall they have built.


All of this, of course, is in my most humblest opinion, and nothing at all I
EVER say should be taken as anything even remotely close to the 'Truth'.  (I
had to add that because from time-to-time people reading my posts think I'm
arrogant, somehow forgetting I'm just another guy out here in hyperspace
like everyone else - like them - like the Dalia Lama - but not at all like




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I think you have him confused with Osho.

If the Dalai Lama did not get sent around the world and instead went 
back to Tibet, the Chinese Army would have him assassinated and they'd 
choose his replacement to control the people of Tibet.


Al wrote:
> From: "Bill Smart" <> I wish the Dalai Lama well in all of his endeavors,
> but in the political case in Tibet, to me, he's just another ethnic
> nationalist. >
> The Dolly Lame-O has gotten thousands of people killed while he sips mint
> julips in Europe and drives around in a limousine and lives in a mansion.
> I certainly respect that he has taken the path which he believes is the
> for his people, but the bottom line is that he has lived a life of great
> luxury while instigating others via long-distance and getting many of his
> followers killed for a cause that he certainly is not willing to die for.


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