Chris wrote:

>The Pope of Zen

Chris, don`t take what you see, read or hear about yourself so personally. And 
especially don`t carry around with you the anger or resentment you feel is 
just. Al`s comment about you being the `pope of zen` was a long time ago but by 
holding on to it the seeds of bitterness are being to show. We all know Al`s an 
arsehole - but that`s because we see a bit of us in him and him in us (not 
physically, but I hope you know what I mean..) But he also has an uncanny knack 
of cutting thru` the bullshit which would otherwise make all of us here (except 
me) look like wishy-washy, sappy flakes. Remember, EVERYONE is your teacher and 
I think I may have mentioned to you before that nothing is good or bad but 
thinking makes it so (Shakespeare). Do you know the story about the 2 monks 
crossing a river when they came across a young woman and the senior monk 
carried her across and put her down on the other side? About 2 miles later the 
novice monk could contain himself no
 longer and blurted out about how monks shouldn`t have contact with women and 
the senior monk should be ashamed of breaking the rules etc. etc. to which the 
older monk replied, `Oh her? I put her down an hour ago. Why are you still 
carrying her around?`.  Mike.

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