Hi Chris. No-one can piss for you and conversely you can`t piss for anyone 
else. If people choose not to respond to a perceived insult that is their 
choice. Furthermore, it might only be you who believes it to be an insult in 
the first point. There is a teaching technique in Buddhism called kahuna 
(spelling?) where the teacher uses the method mostly likely to be understood by 
a particular student. That is why one teacher might use a smile, a slap or an 
insult to get the same point across to 3 different students. I think in your 
case Al is spot on because he has exposed your inability to read, breathe and 
let go of perceived attacks on your ego. I think you might actually agree that 
this inability to laugh or respond with humour is an obstacle in your path. Can 
you see how Al`s `disrespect` is actually a GOOD teaching tool for you? 
Remember, everyone and everything every moment is your and my teacher. Now get 
a grip. Next time you get a slap! Mike. 

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Thanks for your post, Mike.
Yes, I have heard the story of the monk carrying the lady. 
It is a good one. And a very good way of illustrating my ability to 
carry resentments of past regress. You know, I thought I was 
completely over my harsh feelings for Al in past posts. I have 
thoroughly enjoyed reading posts here for the past few weeks. 
It's just that I have no tolerance for dis-respect. No 
tolerance for one that dis-respects another while they are posting 
sincere thoughts and beliefs. I like your point that my anger is 
still not good, no matter the justification.
I guess I feel I am defending those who do not defend 
themselves. I felt I was doing so when I was asked "Who are You? The 
Pope of Zen!"... I took the tag proudly. Yes, I know a good 
practitioner has no need to defend himself, and members such as JM 
have responded with such eloquent retorts, but sometimes I feel you 
have respond on such a level that the offender may understand. 
Much respect, Mike, you and all others are good teachers 
for me. I gain inspiration from many posts here. We can have any 
kind of dialogue, but we don't have to be insulting while doing so. 



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