Perhaps, But, if we are only true to ourself. We will know only what is true to 
us. Is not that what really matters?  

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Each of us are subjects of our karma caused by our previous lives. 
Good, bad, right and wrong are just labels resulted from the judgment of 
our limited ego. World of spirit is a domain much free, wide and powerful.

In the world of forms, what we can do is to put our best foot forward 
within our resources with the intention to resolve and harmonize.
In the world of spirit, is to let go of our ego and enhance our 
spirituality, so that we could process some of the karma before it 

These worlds do not intersect. The world of labels is just a lifeless 
inadequate descriptor of the spiritual world, where everything lives, 
propagates and interacts.

Let go of all labels and concepts is the only way to enter stillness, 
where we enter the formless world, sutra called it world of "final form".

I have said too much..... sorry....

Al wrote:
> Krishnamurti would say that the discriminating mind is essential to
> knowing what is right and wrong.
> Then we are setting ourselves up for exploitation and abuse.


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