Al,  Not exactly.

I’m not saying ‘do as I say’.  I’m only offering my opinion.  I’m also not
saying ‘do as I do’.  I’m just offering my insight on what I do, especially
when that is  or appears contradictory with what say.

But then I’m not the one who claims to be the reincarnation of a Buddhist
saint.  I’m not the one who has written 10’s of books teaching Buddhist
precepts to wealthy Westerners.  I’m not the one who is coordinating or at
least encouraging a people to fight for their attachments.  I’m not the one
who lives in exile and travels around the world like a rock star with
thousands of fawning sycophants.  I’m not the one who is an inspiration to
the intellectual giants like Richard Gere, and the female movie start (whose
name escapes me right now) that voiced her Buddhist opinion that the
earthquake in China just might be KARMA’s way to punish the Chinese people
for their mistreatment of Tibet.  Now there would be someone worthy of you
doing what they say, but not doing what they do.




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From: BillSmartat least I am AWARE I am operating in the world of forms at
that time. But that is a conscious choice and I am not stuck there.>

IS that like saying, "do as I say, but not as I do?"


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