If I may share Chan perspective on these subjects...

Chan is a pure internal spiritual journey. Because it is pure internal, it is difficult to truthfully be described by words. Thus it is taught without words or formality.

Religion is an external display of the internal spirit. It is a "form" which Chan does not get involved with.

All arguments are "forms" containing only impermanent and relative value.

Detach from all forms is the beginning of Chan practice.


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Mayka, i apologize for my part in introducing the subject. I did not intend this to go this far. In fact, I regret that I'm contributing to the same thing I was upset about on other forums.

Originally I wanted to ask how to deal with my need to resolve these arguments, which are ultimately unresolvable. i should not have let it slip that it was specifically about religion, although it did have a zen component in that it dealt with my desire to know "the truth" and my resentment of people who claimed to know "the truth."

i have no intention of pushing religion or politics on anyone. However, I am naturally interest in the ways that religion and Zen intersect, and yes, how they affect politics, both in negative and positive ways. However, if the board prefers, I will not bring it up here.

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> Hello all:
> Whatever them has always welcome in this forum. And that has made from this forum a nice one to participate on. However, it has been noticeable to me that the forum is getting less zen and more chatting and religious, politics themes. That is gaining strenght and overtaking all the essence and energy of just rare zen postings. And this is kind of sad. Discussions of all kinds plus chatting are ok but if those discussions away of zen wave overtake the forum, then what is left for the practicioners to share or even to participate on it as the posting gets swallow by all the rest non zen posting?. There are religious boards for every religion, why not to become a member there and do the posting over there?. Just a thought.
> Mayka

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