My impression was that you were talking about atheists in general. My bad. I'm 
happy that Christianity brought you to Zen.


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One thing: you weren't on the forum, snf I have to say indeed they were 

For me it was Christianity that led me to Zen, so I cannot discount either.

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> Mayka,
> Fair enough. I've been pretty quiet on the forum recently, but felt I had to 
> respond to DP's assertion that atheists were "gloating" over scoring higher 
> in 
> questionaire on religion. As an atheist myself I couldn't let that pass. My 
> responses were pretty much designed to goad a reaction from a glassy-eyed 
> fundamentalist, but to DP's credit he is much more reasonable, 
>intelligent and 
> moderate than that (my apologys to DP for the assumption). To take the 
> matter 

> back to things Zen. I don't put Zen in the same category as religion, in the 
> sense of the monotheitic traditions, because Zen doesn't rely on words or 
> scripture and the outwardly ceremonial aspects can easily be dismissed 
> (they're 
> just representative of a cultural overlay, anyway). I think there's a huge 
> difference between Jesus' exhortation to "Follow me (or else)" and Buddha's 
> "Ba 
> a lamp unto yourself". I'm much more in the Sam Harris camp (an atheist and 
> a 

> scientist) than the Dawkins/Hitchens camp. Harris sees the danger of religion 
> mixing with politics, but doesn't dismiss the mystical/'spiritual' aspect of 
> human experience, although he does dimiss the religious overlay that is 
> usually 
> put onto these experiences (in other words, peak/transcendant experiences 
> in all cultures and is a universal, human experience - not divine). Having 
> had 
> such an experience myself, I can't dismiss them as easily as Dawkins et al. 
> that puts things back on topic : )
> Mike 
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> Hello all:
> Whatever them has always welcome in this forum.  And that has made from this 
> forum a nice one to participate on.  However, it has been noticeable to me  
> the forum is getting less zen and more chatting and religious, politics 
> That is gaining strenght and overtaking all the essence and energy of just 
> rare 
> zen postings.  And this is kind of sad.  Discussions of all kinds plus 
> are ok but if those discussions away of zen wave overtake the forum, then 
> what 

> is left for the practicioners to share or even to participate on it as the 
> posting gets swallow by all the rest non zen posting?.  There are religious 
> boards for every religion, why not to become a member there and do the 
> posting 

> over there?.  Just a thought.
> Mayka


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