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> Ed,
> Zen is illogical, so undefinable.

To an individual student, the utterances of his Zen master may appear to
be none, one or both of {logical, not-logical} simultaneously.

In other words, Zen is beyond logic, or is it?

> But we can try to use our finger to point to the Moon.

In the final analysis one must just have faith in the reality of 'Buddha
mind', yes?

> For instance, zen strives to see and realize your own Buddha nature.

Is 'Buddha nature' definable?

> What the hell is the use of Buddha nature? Don't worry, as long as
that makes you happy.
> Anthony

I have good reason to believe that experiencing my Buddha nature would
make me a much happier person. But if that were my only motivation,
would that not be unacceptable in Buddhism?


> Anthony,
> Is 'zen' definable at all?
> If so, what is a defininition of 'zen'.
> --ED

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