A stink by any name is still a stink, unpleasant to those who have not
reined in their aversions. OTOH, in some religious/spiritual traditions,
everything is God.


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Since this is an e-forum I guess it would be more correctly called

"Stage seven is the glow in which you are radiating yourself as truth.
will feel totally in contact with yourself, and your presence will
from you like a glow. This will continue until you have fully presented
yourself to others. The Zen people refer to this as "the Zen stink". 
See: <>
Surely not stage seven already?  ;-) ;-) ;-)
Aromatically and thornily yours,

> Mayka,
> Oh yes! And Ed has quite an aroma also. But those are just the things
have to put up with if you're going to catch a baby tiger

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