Bill is attempting to be rosy.

Or, he is truthfully expressing his 'experience' of me which is real not
illusory (for him) as per the zen covnention for labeling phenomena.


--- In, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:
> Bill:
> You sound mysterious.  I wonder what you're trying to tell me.  Do
remember that my intelligence is in much lower degree than the one from
> Mayka

> Mayka,
> Oh yes! And Ed has quite an aroma also. But those are just the things
you have to put up with if you're going to catch a baby

> Do you think so?  Mayka

\> Lovely? Maybe - but with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of THORNS!

> Nothing to forgive ED. You're also lovely in your own way.
> Mayka

> Mayka,
> Do forgive me - it is just my ego obsessed with what is best for
> --ED

> > ED;
> >
> > If you would like to to know about whatever you want to know about
Anthony better ask him directly and not me. But if you ask me about the
role he plays in the forum I would say that he's a lovely character. I
never seen his ego deffending itself and no matter how badly at times
he's been provoked. I admire his modesty and kind character
towards everyone.>
> > Mayka
> > The "I/me/mine" in me responds: Does Anthony know or care about what
others in the forum know are best for themelves?
> --ED

> > > Only Anthony himself knows what is the best for him and not you.
> > > Mayka

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