Great teachings notwithstanding, hold on tight to your wallets and
panties, as the innate drives in humans toward wealth, sex and power can
over-ride all spiritual attainments in any spiritual teacher at any

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ED:   Thank you for both links.  It's been particularly interesting
reading controversial Brad W reply in connection with Big Mind and Genpo
Roshi...and my conclusion about the whole thing is,  that hearts feel
profoundly grateful for having found Thich Nhat Hanh dharma in those
years in which his home was not too crowded, not too  polluted by
westerners speculation, aggression and most of it self, ego.  There are
teachings that shouldn't be passed onto westerners in such a light way. 
Big Mind might be one of those (I wouln't know because first hearing was
in American websites) .  And yet there is the possibility that in the
original eastern environment (perhaps under a differente name)  have the
effect of a most powerful way of breaking through the self by exposing
it. Building up a bond in the process with other practitioners sailing
in the same boat.   People don't want the simplicity of Buddhism and not
certainly zen.  I wouldn't put the blame to anyone but just in oneself
incapacity of seeing what is there presented in simplicity.  For
instance Anthony himself has  pointed out more than once the boredom of
"just this" or sitting down.  We look for excitement all the time.  No
one external to blame afterwards if we get hurt but just oneselves   

"Big Mind" "Merzel began developing the "Big Mind" process in 1999,
after having taught more traditional Zen meditation and koan study for
more than twenty years. The process is intended to allow anyone â€"
including non-Buddhists â€" to experience "the enlightenment of the
Buddha".  The process is designed as a combination of Eastern meditation
and Western psychological techniques to transmit the essence of Zen
teachings in a way that is readily accessible and relevant to
Westerners, a realization they can further deepen through meditation.
The Big Mind process is claimed to enable participants to get in touch
with various aspects of themselves by inviting them to identify as and
speak from these aspects or states of mind.  The teacher walks
participants through interactions with different aspects of their mind,
including ordinary, finite ones such as the Protector, the Skeptic and
Desiring Mind; and possibly less familiar, "transcendent" ones such as
the "Non-Seeking/Non-Grasping Mind", "the Way", and "Big Mind and Big
Heart". Since 1999, he has offered workshops to more than 20,000
individuals all around the world. In addition to presentations in cities
in North America and Europe, Genpo Roshi has made "Big Mind" available
on DVDs and online. Source:
<>  Also

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