It seems to me that traditional buddhists were able to step away from the
world and dedicate themselves to their studies, some did not even have to
do chores!  Only the teachers really needed to interact with outsiders and
even then, they only really interacted with those who were interested in
learning (or thought they were interested in learning).

In the reality of today's world, unless one was born into a rich family, one
has to work for their living.  One has to be a part of a society made up of
the self-indulgent and dualistic, somehow maintaining no-mind despite
constant contact with those who truly are suffering: all while knowing
self-realization is something they have to attain on their own.


On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 4:35 PM, Rose P <> wrote:

>   Good question Lana. It would be great to have more discussion in this
> forum about the nitty gritty of dealing with people in the world.
> Rose

>  So I ask: How do you interact with the people in this world?

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