Do you not believe that there *is* merit in discussing various possible
motivations for Zen practice, and what we hope to gain from it for
ourelves and/or for humankind (if  anything at all?)

Thanks, ED

--- In, ChrisAustinLane <ch...@...> wrote:
> Pardon my intrusion into this interchange, but I strongly feel that
why is a question each person must wrestle with for themselves.
> You seem to have an intellect very activated with a lot of questions
with a lot of energy behind them. If you are content with that way of
living, and it seems you are, then you need not undertake a practice of
> Thanks,
> Chris Austin-Lane


That may well be the case.

Does it automatically follow that others ought to spend enormous amounts
of time and energy attempting to attain the same mind-state, and if so,


> Ed,
> I am convinced that I have met, interacted with and witnessed several
> modern-day zen masters that were able to hold Buddha Mind in their
> life: Koyru Roshi, Maezumi Roshi, Dae Soen Sa Nim and Tetsugen
> Glassman) Roshi before he was a Roshi and was the Senior Monk at ZCLA
> Maezumi Roshi immediately come to mind. This is not to say I believe
> held Buddha Mind 24x7, but certainly could move to that stage pretty
> whenever they chose to do so.
> I have also interacted with many (100's) others that could hold Buddha
> in varying degrees of a controlled environment - like performing their
> housekeeping jobs in the zen center, or while they are at a
> shopping for groceries.
> ...Bill!

> Bill,
> How would one recognize a Buddha Mind in the real world? Has there
been or
> is there any roshi  in America who has been an exemplar on how to
> Buddha Nature in the real world?
> --ED

> > Lana,
> >
> > There are times that quietude and solitude are helpful in zen
> > especially in the beginning. But eventually you have to bring your
> > practice
> > into the 'real world'. Zen is everyday life. You should be able to
> > maintain Buddha Mind in the middle of Times Square New York City
> > rush
> > hour just as well as in a cave in Tibet.
> >
> > ...Bill!

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