When I'm into the discriminative mind I see and experience everything as you 
are giving a description here. But when I regain inner calm and serenity,   at 
those moments the world seems perfect in its imperfection. Actually at those 
moments I see no perfection or imperfection.  Have you ever observe in yourself 
that depending on what state of mind you were that is what you were seeing?. 
 If a teaching is creating problems with you interacting with your closest 
people, making you suffer...then you are paying a high price because of an idea 
you have about how others should see the world according to your way of 
seeing.  Throw away the idea and you may find both the way out here plus the 
heart of the teaching that you throw away. 
My boyfriend is not a practitioner and I won't change him for any 
practitioner.  And here you go, what is not of any use I throw it away and 
whatever helps me with the relationship with my boyfriend and family I keep 
it.  Still experimenting here.  Being foolish often.  Dwelling in samsara with 
frequency.  But it's ok.  I'm learning how to integrate the practise without 
imposing to my boyfriend this practise.  
Actually I like him better as a non practitioner because in this way he's warm, 
very affectionate, passionate... and all mine! (I know this last remark is 
samsara but don't care.  I don't think I coud handle to have a frozen 
practitioner as a boyfriend)
I do empathise with your difficulties here.  It's not always easy for me 
either. We all go up and down.  Zen is very far of being an easy practise.  But 
it can be done as a part-time bases! .  A bit in samsara and a bit in the 
Buddha.  Why not?.  No rush!
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It seems to me that traditional buddhists were able to step away from the world 
and dedicate themselves to their studies, some did not even have to do chores!  
Only the teachers really needed to interact with outsiders and even then, they 
only really interacted with those who were interested in learning (or thought 
they were interested in learning).
In the reality of today's world, unless one was born into a rich family, one 
has to work for their living.  One has to be a part of a society made up of the 
self-indulgent and dualistic, somehow maintaining no-mind despite constant 
contact with those who truly are suffering: all while knowing self-realization 
is something they have to attain on their own.
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Good question Lana. It would be great to have more discussion in this forum 
about the nitty gritty of dealing with people in the world. 



 So I ask: How do you interact with the people in this world?

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