I know nothing about Judaism. Neither do I know about Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

Yet, If we look at our universe, all planets are in harmony. All living beings are in harmony. Each and every moment is in perfect harmony. It is just us humans often deluded to believe that we could live separately from this harmony.

If there is more than one formula for the universe, if there is more than one God, will everything be so harmonious? Even if there is, all Gods must also be in agreement.

On the other hand, if we travel up and down the earth, searching a being called religion with a certain name. Where can we find it?

In my opinion, all religions are external display of our internal spiritual reflection, while internal is formless, and external is form. Together they make some of us feeling complete.

Yet, it really differs from one to the other.


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On 12/29/2010 8:22 AM, ED wrote:

JM, is your omission of 'Judaism' accidental or intended?

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> Well, Ed. Since you remain "attentive and receptive" to Chan way. May
> I elaborate a little more?
> In my personal opinion, Zen, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai,
> Krishna are all offsprings of Chan. (Similar to what Bill stated about Zen)
> Yet, Chan, Zen, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, Krishna are one of
> the same, the only difference is the words each uses and the journey
> each sage traveled through.

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