Bill -

Yes, it appears that in zazen, breath-type meditations are usually used
as required, to stabilize the mind prior to shikantaza.

Right Concentration and Right Mindfulness are the seventh and eight
steps on the Noble Eightfold path. I can accept that Shikantaza is on
the Right Mindfulness path.

It is not clear to me whether the various meditations on the breath and
other things, including the various Vipassana type meditations, are of
the Right Concentration type or the Right Mindfulness type or a mix of
the two.

I can believe that Right Mindfulness meditation can lead to realization
of Buddha Nature. I am not certain whether the same is true of
concentration type meditations or mixed type meditations, although I
tend to believe that in the Theravada teachings, the oldest Buddhist
sources available, the answer is 'Yes'.

Bill, JMJM, Mayka, Joriki, Anthony and All, your views on these matters
are kindly requested.

Thanks, ED

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> Ed,
> Yes. Counting or following the breath is not shikantaza. These are
techniques that are sometimes used to get you to shikantaza.
> ...Bill!

> > Bill -
> >
> > Counting breaths is not Shikantaza. Yes?
> >
> > Following the breath without counting is not Shikantaza. Yes?
> >
> > Thanks,
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> > - ED

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> > > Sit. Sit zazen, which for me implies shikantaza - clear mind.

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