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When I was younger, I was troubled by obssesive checking behavior. I have found 
that, for me, it is a matter of just being mindful of the anxiety, as it 
arises, without either trying to run away from it or run toward it. And then I 
choose to do something else that is unrelated in order to redirect my 
attention. In my case, I enjoy karate, so I would go work on a kata, or form 
exercise. But any activity that you enjoy will do. The OCD is just a glitch in 
your amygdala brain center. Just be mindful of it, label it as just a glitch 
that is not really "you", and then redirect your attention to something else. 
Worked for me.

MEL: Another karate buff! Yayyy! I like Shotokan myself, but I unfortunately 
can only train on my own these days due to health restrictions(eg. arthritis) 
and lack of suitable schools where I am. And I'll take that advise as well, 
Steve. I'm a long-time sufferer of this horrid mental disease. Thanks!
in peace


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