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> Your 1-3 is very sensible advice

    Unfortunately, I don't think I have ever seen the recommendations
I made stated quite so plainly.

>and I must ask about this
> statement:

>>I have yet to have any data loss with ZFS.
> Maybe this goes without saying, but I think you are using
> ZFS redundancy.

    Yes. I felt I needed to make that statement about ZFS because
there _have_ been incidents recounted here on this list where people
_have_ lost data.

   I have also seen data loss from HW RAID failures, through no fault
of the people who configured the storage, but through corner cases the
manufacturer did not account for.

   I have also had an fsck of a UFS come back with lost data.

    If you work in this business long enough and in enough varied
environments you will see some data loss. So far, ZFS is one of the
technologies that has not let me down. Of course, in some cases it has
taken weeks if not months to resolve or work around a "bug" in the
code, but in all cases the data was recovered.

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