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> On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 12:36 AM, Paul Kraus <>
> wrote:
> > Recently someone posted to this list of that _exact_ situation, they
> loaded
> > an OS to a pair of drives while a pair of different drives containing
> an OS
> > were still attached. The zpool on the first pair ended up not being
> able to
> > be imported, and were corrupted. I can post more info when I am back
> in the
> > office on Monday.
>     See the thread started on Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 12:23 PM with a
> Subject of "[zfs-discuss] Wrong rpool used after reinstall!", the
> followups, and at least one additional related thread.
>     While I agree that you _should_ be able to have multiple unrelated
> boot environments on hard drives at once, it seems prudent to me to
> NOT do such. I assume you _can_ manage multiple ZFS based boot
> environments using Live Upgrade (or whatever has replaced it in 11).
> NOTE that I have not done such (managed multiple ZFS boot environments
> with Live Upgrade), but I ASSUME you can.
>     I suspect that the "root" of this potential problem is in the ZFS
> boot code and the use of the same zpool name for multiple zpools at
> once. By having the boot loader use the zpool directly you get the
> benefit of having the redundancy of ZFS much earlier in the boot
> process (the only thing that appears to load off of a single drive is
> the boot loader, everything from there on loads from the mirrored
> zpool, at least on my NCP 3 system, my first foray into ZFS root). The
> danger is that if there are multiple zpools with the same (required)
> name, then the boot loader may become confused, especially if drives
> get physically moved around.
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