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>> 3. Do NOT let a system see drives with more than one OS zpool at the
>> same time (I know you _can_ do this safely, but I have seen too many
>> horror stories on this list that I just avoid it).
> Can you elaborate #3? In what situation will it happen?

Some people have trained their fingers to use the -f option on every
command that supports it to force the operation.  For instance, how
often do you do rm -rf vs. rm -r and answer questions about every

If various zpool commands (import, create, replace, etc.) are used
against the wrong disk with a force option, you can clobber a zpool
that is in active use by another system.  In a previous job, my lab
environment had a bunch of LUNs presented to multiple boxes.  This was
done for convenience in an environment where there would be little
impact if an errant command were issued.  I'd never do that in
production without some form of I/O fencing in place.

Mike Gerdts
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