On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 11:36 AM, Paul Kraus <p...@kraus-haus.org> wrote:
> Recently someone posted to this list of that _exact_ situation, they loaded
> an OS to a pair of drives while a pair of different drives containing an OS
> were still attached. The zpool on the first pair ended up not being able to
> be imported, and were corrupted. I can post more info when I am back in the
> office on Monday.

That is nasty :P

I wonder if Darik's approach for zfsonlinux is better. In Ubuntu's
(currently unofficial) zfs root support, the startup script
force-imports rpool (or whatever pool the user specifies on kernel
command line, if explicitly specified), and drops to a rescue shell if
there are more than one pool with the same name. This means:

- no problem with pools previously imported in another system
- no corruption due to duplicate pool name, as when that happens the
user needs to manually take action to import the correct pool by id
- the other pool remains untouched, and (if necessary) the user can
reimport it under different name


> On Friday, October 21, 2011, Fred Liu <fred_...@issi.com> wrote:
>>> 3. Do NOT let a system see drives with more than one OS zpool at the
>>> same time (I know you _can_ do this safely, but I have seen too many
>>> horror stories on this list that I just avoid it).
>> Can you elaborate #3? In what situation will it happen?
>> Thanks.
>> Fred
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